Speed things up on your smartphone with Internet Accelerator

Kick your smartphone's Internet connection into high gear with Internet Accelerator.

High-speed Internet doesn't always feel like high speed. If you want to browse and surf more quickly on your phone, you can use Internet Accelerator. Just don't expect it to actually work. While it claims it can make your surfing faster, it's more likely to just annoy you with never-ending pop-ups.

The app hits you with a "rate our app!" pop-up before you get to actually test the speed. These pop-ups happen any time you load the app and can even launch your browser and do all sorts of other shady stuff. The program itself doesn't have much in the way of a nice layout or flexible features. All it gives you is a simple button that says "Boost Now." Once you hit it, it doesn't tell you anything that the app is doing to make things faster. Using Speedtest.net, the app failed to make download, upload, or ping times noticeably faster during multiple tests using 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. On a few of the tests, connection speed was actually a few KB slower than before using Internet Accelerator. That doesn't mean the app will make your phone or tablet slower, just that it won't make it any faster.

Not only does Internet Accelerator fail to live up it its name, but it makes things less convenient with awful ads. If you really want to surf faster on your smartphone, there are ways to make it happen. This app decidedly isn't one of them.

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