Avoid obstacles and collect gumdrops in Gingerbread Run

Sprint, flip and slide to avoid dangers and collect your favorite sweets in this silly dungeon-running game.

Christmas' favorite treat now has its own Indiana Jones-like game for you to enjoy. It lets you run, jump, and slide along one of the silliest environments you'll ever see. Gingerbread Run is a lot of fun, but it won't wow you with innovative gameplay or features.

If you've ever played Temple Run or any other similar game, you'll know the gist here. Swipe up to jump, down to slide and tilt your phone to move. The game's strongest point is its really goofy landscape. Your goal is to collect gumdrops in a silly Candy Land-esque level as dramatic music blares from your phone's speaker. What isn't as fun is the game's ads, which hit you way more often than you might like. They pop up in the main menu, at the starting gate of your run, and any other place the developers can get away with. Gingerbread Run seems to send the same five or six levels at you every time you play. Even though it's random, it gets predictably boring after a while. The gameplay is fun while it lasts, though.

Even though it lacks a lot of replay value, Gingerbread Run is still one of the more enjoyable Temple Run rip-offs out there. The silly main character and hilarious landscape are a great shift from the normal overly dramatic experience these games usually give. They just aren't enjoyable enough to push this app to the head of the class.

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