Direct movies and add special effects to your videos with FX Guru

Get your Michael Bay on with this movie-shooting app available on Android.

Why bother paying big bucks to put explosions, crashes, and other special effects goodies on your home movies? This app lets you take a video and then add one of several cool special effects to it. FX Guru is a really cute novelty to show off to friends and make them look like movie stars.

The app starts you off with three special effects. You can add more than a dozen more by ponying up a few bucks. The preloaded effects -- which are mostly disaster movie explosions -- should be more than enough. Each effect lasts about 10-15 seconds, but takes about 2 or 3 minutes to fully process. FX Guru gives you all of the quality of your phone's camera. So, if it can shoot in HD, the video will come out in HD -- but the effect will still look a little like a cartoon. On phones without high-end processors, the app takes a little while to run properly. The app's menu always runs smoothly and is easy to use, though. The only big drawback is that it can't add special effects to your current movies.

The app's smooth performance makes the novelty even better. If you like to put your friends in sticky situations, this app will give you plenty of laughs. It would be nice if the video were created more quickly, but the amount of control you have over the effects keeps FX Guru from being a pain to use.

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