Defend the mermaids in Fish vs Pirates for Android

Protect your underwater friends in this tower defense game.

It's official: tower defense games aren't just about defending towers any more. Fish vs Pirates has your cute army of good fish warding off an equally cute army of bad fish. It obviously borrows from fan-favorite Plants vs. Zombies, but doesn't quite capture the fun of that game. It's still adorable, though.

The game starts with a few levels so easy that you'll probably be annoyed playing them. These act as tutorials but are mind-numbingly boring. Fish vs Pirates often makes the crucial mistake of spawning enemies too slowly, so you're watching the game more often than playing it. Instead of it being fast-paced or exciting, there's too much waiting around for things to get challenging. Luckily, the game has great graphics that you won't mind looking at too much. It features enough unique characters that you will enjoy finding your favorite strategy. Each character has several different injured animations that you'll want to see, too. Despite being a relatively small download, the game sometimes crashed with little warning and froze our phone. When you can get it to work, it's a decent enough game. It just doesn't seem to have the staying power of other tower defense games.

Fish vs Pirates could be a good download if you have a little one that likes to borrow your smartphone or tablet. However, If you're looking for a challenging, dynamic tower defense game, look elsewhere.

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