Chat online with friends through any popular IM of your choice

Choose among your favorite instant messaging services and chat with your friends via your Android device.

Though dedicated instant messaging isn't nearly as popular as it once was, it's still fun for some. Just look at the sheer number of available options; MSN, AIM, and Yahoo are just a few of them. EBuddy for Android will compile all of your buddy lists for each of these into one window. It's just not the nicest thing in the world to look at or use.

Though it has a similar name, don't confuse this with eBuddy Messenger, a much more popular instant messaging app. Like the app that this program borrows its name from, EBuddy for Android supports most of the popular IM clients, with Skype being the only noticeable exclusion. This makes sense, since the app doesn't support Web or voice chat, only text and emoticons. You don't have a ton of control over your buddy lists, either. You can only add new friends; you can't delete friends, set an away message, or view profile pictures. Even settings are remarkably lacking. The app's developers chose to put a share button in the settings menu instead of actual useful settings.

This app won't make anyone believe it's the cool app it's trying to steal success from. Though they share the same idea, eBuddy Messenger blows this one out of the water when it comes to layout, features, and usability. Stick with eBuddy Messenger if you use multiple instant messaging services. If you just need to use one instant messaging service, there's probably a more simple app for you.

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