Take notes on your mobile device with Catch Notes

Jot down notes, inspirations, or any idea you have with the help of Catch Notes.

With Evernote being the 800-pound gorilla of online notes, there isn't much space for a new app to compete. Catch Notes takes a novel approach by giving you a simpler experience with tons of control over its features. It's worth trying, but might not be enough to get you to switch from your current favorite note-taking app.

Since the app syncs your notes over the Web, it requires an account to use. You can log in to it through Facebook or Google for an easy setup, though. If you do, your notes stay private and aren't shared over Facebook unless you share them. The app lets you lock your notes with a passcode, too. You can organize your notes into one of five categories that you create. If you want more categories or to go over the 40MB storage limit, you have to subscribe or refer your friends to the app, a la Dropbox. Catch Notes doesn't just borrow from that app; it's heavily inspired by Evernote. It differentiates itself by allowing you to color-code your notes and change the color of the app's menus. It also features a cool widget that you don't have to download separately.

Catch Notes does a good job of borrowing ideas from your favorite apps and making them into something new. The space restrictions might ruin it for some who take a lot of notes. If you're willing to accept the limited space in return for a cooler, more flexible layout and widget, then Catch Notes is worth downloading. But if you're already using a note-taking app that you love, this probably isn't game-changing enough to win you over.

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