Run, dodge, jump, and slide in Angry Gran RadioActive Run

Escape the city by dodging radioactive elements in Angry Gran RadioActive Run.

If a mobile character gets popular, you can expect a running game with it to not be far behind. Angry Gran RadioActive Run drops mobile favorite Angry Gran into a side-scroller, trying to dodge radioactive elements. The game is a decent time-waster and a little addictive, but the out-of-control ads and difficulty suck the limited amount of fun out of it.

Accidental ads taps abound in this app, as ads are almost always bigger on the screen than the actual buttons you want to hit. The only place this isn't true is when you're actually playing the running levels. Those give you enough of a respite from the nasty ads to actually enjoy the game's decent graphics. There are fewer than 30 levels, but the game also has an "infinite" mode that lets you run until you lose to try to score the best time. The main game gets very hard very quickly, especially since you don't earn any level-ups for beating stages -- unless you share the game with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can earn power-ups by downloading other spammy apps, but those make AngryGran RadioActive Run too easy to even be fun. The repetitive, difficult levels already do enough to suck the fun right of the game, anyway.

If you're looking for a serious challenge, you might like AngryGran RadioActive Run. Only download it if you can stomach a screen full of ads all over the place, though.

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