Match tiles in Angry Birds Adventure

Make your favorite Angry Birds match to win.

The popularity of Angry Birds is almost stratospheric at this point, so rip-off games make sense. This non-Rovio-approved app puts some of your favorite birds in their least exciting adventure yet. When it works, Angry Birds Adventure has you match tiles with the characters to clear the board. Sadly, you'll be lucky to even make it through a single game as the app tends to crash.

This app only takes a few seconds to download to your phone as it's quite small in size. Once it's there, you won't see any opening sequence or tutorial, you're just plopped into a blank screen with a group of tiles. Though Angry Birds Adventure looks like a mix of Bejeweled and Angry Birds, it's actually a little more complicated. You have to match unblocked tiles to one another to create pairs that are then removed from the board. It's all too easy once you figure it out. Sadly, we couldn't check to see if the game's difficulty increases, as it just crashes any time you beat a level.

Though it doesn't take long to install, you'll actually spend more time setting up the game than playing it. Angry Birds Adventure wouldn't even be very exciting if it worked as expected, as the gameplay is lacking. Even if you're Angry Birds' biggest fan, you'll probably end up being disappointed.

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