Fill in the plays with Andoku Sudoku

Play everyone's favorite number game on your mobile gadget.

Are you breezing through the Sudoku game in your daily paper? This fun, free app gives you thousands of challenging Sudoku puzzles in the palm of your hand. Andoku Sudoku will keep you occupied with sliding difficultly, multiple play options and very fast performance.

Despite having approximately 5,000 different puzzles, the app only takes up about 2MB on your phone. It achieves that by having a very simple, clean layout that focuses strictly on the game. This light layout is still pleasing to the eye; you'll never have to search for the right buttons and you can examine the entire board however you want. Andoku Sudoku even gives you helpful hints and tricks to help you unlock the key to solve the puzzle. Not only can you choose multiple difficultly levels -- from easy to fiendish -- but multiple styles. You can play X-Sudoku, Hyper Sudoku, and more. Each level and style combo has 200 puzzles to play before you move to the next, creating hours of gameplay. There are ads, but they aren't at all invasive and can be removed for a dollar.

It's tough to find a more complete Sudoku game than this one. Andoku Sudoku certainly beats carrying around a giant tome of paper Sudoku games or picking up the New York Times every morning. If you love sitting down with a quick Sudoku game to keep your mind sharp, you need this download.

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