Study for the SAT verbal section with SAT Words Easy

Review a massive list of previous SAT vocabulary with this free iOS app.

The SAT is a major undertaking for millions of students every year. Studying is tiresome, and vocabulary books are often incomplete or out of date. SAT Words Easy is a universal iOS app that allows users to quickly cycle through thousands of words from an up to date database of previously used words from the SAT verbal test. Quick and easy to install, with no menu screens and multiple study options (next, random, alphabetical) and the ability to copy to a clipboard or share with another user via Twitter or e-mail, SAT Words Easy is a solid companion for anyone in need of a raw vocabulary drill.

This is important, because SAT Words Easy does not include additional features beyond its core vocabulary lists. It is not meant to be a quiz or practice test app, nor does it allow users to request certain kinds of words such as verbs or nouns. It is merely a very large, fairly well organized vocabulary list, perfect for those who learn through rote memorization and repetition. The app is free and features only a small ad at the top of the screen, without any upgrades and with frequent updates. We saw at least one word update during the review process and the developers promise more over time.

If you need an SAT app that provides simple, easy-to-use vocabulary lists to help you study and learn words that commonly appear on the test, SAT Words Easy is a good place to start. There are more-robust, feature-rich SAT prep apps out there, but they of course cost money and often don't provide much better than a vocabulary list. If that's all you need, SAT Words Easy should do the trick. If you are looking for something more, we recommend you continue your search.

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