Carry a realistic pocket watch on your iPhone

Check the time in style with Key Wind Pocket Watch on your iPhone.

If you're nostalgic for the old days when phones were dialed and you told time with a watch, this single-function app may one of the least expensive ways to hold onto the past. Anthony Campisi, who created the Key Wind Pocket Watch, does not promise the moon. He has created a simple, easy-to-use pocket watch that opens quickly on your iPhone and features a realistic ticking sound. That is all -- if you expect more, you will be disappointed.

The free app installs easily, requires no registration, and features no ad. It has only two features. One, it tells the time, borrowing the system time from your phone and showing it on a classic pocket watch face. Two, it has a gentle ticking sound that you can turn on or off. The volume is fairly loud, even with a recent update to turn it down. A volume-control meter would be a nice addition to the interface to make it easier to turn down. It's a fun app though, especially if you once carried a wind-up pocket watch and are nostalgic for the days of non-digital everything.

The bottom line is if you want a simple pocket watch simulator that tells the time, features a realistic ticking sound, and shows the second hand twirling away, this is it. If you are interested in additional features (whatever those might be), you'll want to keep looking.

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