Access your PC remotely with easy-to-use JumiMouse

Open, view and edit files from your desktop PC with JumiMouse.

No matter how powerful smartphones and tablets become, most people have a desktop computer at home on which they perform the vast majority of their work. Word processing, number crunching, and file editing are all easier and faster with a large screen, a keyboard, and a mouse. But that cumbersome desktop can't go on the road with you, so apps like JumiMouse for iPhone are powerful tools, allowing you to instantly access your desktop remotely. Designed for a smaller screen, JumiMouse is intuitive and easy to use, only slowed by the slightly confusing installation process. Once you have installed the desktop client, however, simply log in with the registration information provided, and you can immediately access your desktop remotely with your iPhone.

JumiMouse Lite is the free version of the software, and we found it surprisingly feature-rich, including the core abilities to access a remote desktop, zoom to view folders and files, open and use any apps or software on your desktop and more. The size of an iPhone limits what you can do in terms of productivity, but you can do things like fix a problem at home when you are at work, change movies or music from the couch, start or turn off an app on your computer remotely, or send a file or e-mail if you forgot something important at home.

JumiMouse is available for both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows XP/Vista/7 and has been effective on newer builds of Windows 8, though some users have reported bugs. Upon installation, the app opens almost instantly and connects quickly -- though the speed of your desktop computer can affect performance. For simple tasks like e-mailing files or turning off an app, JumiMouse is incredibly easy to use and intuitive, with almost no lag, better in many ways than expensive paid remote desktop tools. For more advanced tools, JumiTech also offers a paid version for $3.99 which includes built-in remote controls and keyboard support.

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