Photo Caption Pro Extreme adds custom captions

Create the next Internet meme with this fun app.

It's hard to surf the Web without encountering a new meme, whether it be a grumpy cat or a cute baby. Photo Caption Pro Extreme lets you apply custom captions to your pictures so that maybe yours will be the next Internet sensation. We weren't big fans of all the pop-up ads, but it performed as promised.

Photo Caption Pro Extreme opens with two menu options: take a photo or choose one from your iPhone's Camera Roll. We started with a photo from our Camera Roll. Two pop-up ads appeared after our selection, but we were able bypass both of them. Once selected, the app immediately applied a caption to our picture. To select a different caption, you can tap the Refresh button, choose from a long list or create your own by tapping Custom Caption. After we entered our custom text, yet another pop-up ad appeared, which was annoying. Still, our text appeared on the picture. We would have liked more customization options for the text, such as the ability to change the font color and style, but you're stuck with the plain white text that comes with the app. The app includes sharing, which let us slap our picture up on our Facebook and Twitter accounts without a hitch. Likewise, we were able to mail it and copy it to our clipboard.

That's all there is to Photo Caption Pro Extreme. Despite a couple of drawbacks, it works well if you want to add a quick caption to your pictures. We recommend it for all users.

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