Drinktrack minds your caloric and alcohol consumption

Stay on top of your drinks with this attractive app.

We like to believe that drinks don't count when it comes to calories, but doctors and nutritionists would most definitely disagree. If you're watching your caloric and/or alcohol intake, Drinktrack will help. While it isn't exact, its stylish and easy-to-use interface will at least give you a good idea of how much you've had to drink.

Drinktrack opens with an attractive interface that utilizes rows of sliders to quickly swipe your finger and find what you're looking for. The first row breaks down your beverages into five categories: Wine, Lager, Ale, Spirits, and Alco Pop. Of course, any connoisseur of beer and wine knows that it's not that simple; different types of wine and beer will offer different caloric measurements. And it doesn't offer a way to accurately track mixed drinks. However, once your beverage is selected, the next row lets you select the size of the drink, which is broken into milliliters, pints, half bottle, full bottle, and so on depending on the drink.

Next up is the alcohol content, which goes up to a whopping 99 percent. Based on your selections, the app pulls together a final tally of your calories. We tapped the Log button, which then added the info to the app's Logbook where we could keep track, including the week's units and calories, as well as what our intake was for the past four weeks.

Drinktrack is a great way to get an idea of what you're consuming, alcohol-wise. We recommend it for all users.

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