The classic game of Connect 4 in a portable, friend-matching wrap

Play Connect 4 with friends on the go with this simple, free app.

If mobile phones have done anything well, it's pitting friends and family members against each other in cross-country bouts of word games and chess. Four in a Row Vs Friends is the newest entry into the growing genre, bringing the classic Connect 4 game into the digital space with digital friend-matching and wireless synced games. The game is as intuitive as you likely remember, requiring you to drop checkers into one of seven slots, blocking your opponent as you attempt to match four of your own tokens and win. The game installs quickly and easily and, after registration, you'll be able to match with friends who have accounts or against a random opponent easily, with far less lag than some of the other "with friends" style games.

As a game, Four in a Row Vs Friends Free is simple and intuitive. It takes seconds to start and, as long as you have friends also using the same app, you can match and play a game with them quickly. The game is free of course, so to unlock the full game (without ads and with no limits on matches played), you'll need to pay $1.98 (two separate micro transactions), but the free version is perfectly functional, with the exception of a slight delay when accessing the main menu between matches. We were impressed with the response speed between turns, however, and the game as a whole offers every function promised without any glitches.

Four in a Row Vs Friends Free is a simple as it gets. The graphics are bare bones, the features are simple and the games go quickly, but for this type of app, these are all good things. We found no glitches or unexpected slowdown and the random matching worked well. If you are looking for another game to play with your college roommate during work breaks, this is a strong contender in the free game section of the App Store.

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