Play bingo, but skip the bingo hall with iPad Bingo

Pit your skills against players from around the world in iPad Bingo.

The iPad has already made millions of things easy to do from the comfort of your home, or anywhere on the go: chatting with friends, playing board games, and now, the classic game of bingo. While Bingo by GameDesire is far from the only Bingo game in the App Store for the iPad, it is one of the most extensive, offering a number of options and styles of play for veteran and new players alike. Like most iOS apps, we found installation simple and setup intuitive. The interface, however, once the game started, is far from simple. Whether because bingo involves so many variables or because the developers wanted everything on screen at once, it was hard to keep track of exactly what steps were next in any given round.

The disorientation didn't last too long, however, as rounds picked up and the familiarity of the game became apparent. Requiring you to either create an account or log in with Facebook, Bingo by GameDesire connects through Game Center to match players against one another in games of either Bingo 75 or Bingo 90. The game is free to install and comes with $50,000 in credits, as each game you enter requires a purchase of tickets. The cost of those tickets varies depending on which tables you select -- with prices ranging between $100 and $5,000 in game credits. This is all fine until you recognize that, when your credits run out, you can either wait for them to recharge to continue playing or purchase them at a rate of $20,000 in credits for $1 of real money.

The game runs smoothly and surprisingly quick, though there are often wait times between games with a jarring verbal countdown to the game's start. Additionally, the numbers are called very fast and the game marks them for you, removing most interaction on your part. You can turn off the Lector if you want but the other features are built-in, making this an ideal game only for those with a real love for the game. If you enjoy Bingo, don't yet have an app on your iPad, and don't mind the possibility of microtransactions, this is a solid app, but for the casual player or anyone looking for free-only apps, steer clear.

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