Take out brain eaters with Zombie Sniper

Shoot your way through hordes of brain-munching undead with Zombie Sniper.

Resident Evil, this is not. This bad entry into the red-hot zombie fandom may be the worst of the bunch. With clunky controls, a terrible menu, and ad after ad, no true gamer is going to appreciate Zombie Sniper.

The game slams you with an ad or two before you even make it to the game's main menu. As if that weren't bad enough, the menu, each level, and just about every screen in the game is covered in ads. Even when you try to exit the game, you have to get through an ad first! Since all of the close buttons are really small, it takes incredible skill to hit them. It's actually more fun trying to click them than playing the game. When the zombies are coming, it's nearly impossible to aim, and any tap of the screen just makes the camera flail wildly. If you are lucky enough to put your target on a zombie, shooting it appears to do absolutely nothing.

Zombie Sniper does everything wrong that a game possibly could. If you think about it as a weird, post-modern art installation, it might be worth downloading. In any other case, this game isn't worth the effort.

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