Fight through time and join a large RPG community in Time Travel Heroes

Shoot, slash, and spear your way through countless enemies in this impressive RPG game for Android.

This ambitious game tries to give you a console or PC-like RPG experience on your Android device. In some ways, it succeeds. However, unlike the story, the gameplay in Time Travel Heroes needs more work to be completely fun on most gadgets. If you don't mind repetitive battle sequences, you might enjoy this game.

You need to register with the game in order to play. Luckily, you don't have to hand over your e-mail address to get to the action. Once you're inside the game, it has a very busy environment for you to click and touch. However, even on larger screens, you need incredible precision to hit the button you're aiming for. As for actual gameplay, it's way less interesting than the game's layout and story. It consists of your character -- which fights with a sword, bow, or spear -- picking off enemies on a grid. However, there are too many useless fights before you get into the meat of the actual story. If nothing else, there is a robust community inside Time Travel Heroes. It's full of fun, real people to talk to and battle with. It would be more enjoyable to fight with them if the battle sequences were actually fun, instead of just a weird interruption in the story.

Time Travel Heroes tries to impress you with its wealth of content and things to explore. At times, you will be in awe of how deep the game is. The action sequences aren't challenging enough, but a die-hard RPG fan won't have much to complain about.

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