Edit photos on your mobile device with Snoxter

Crop, trim, and filter your photos and share them on Facebook with Snoxter.

If you're keen to shoot photos from your phone, you might need a powerful photo editor. This app will crop photos and even help you throw filters on them. Snoxter will remind you almost too much of Instragram, except it doesn't seem to have a fraction of that app's popularity.

The app requires Facebook to work, so you need to let it use your account to edit photos. However, once you've connected the app to Facebook, you can't pull photos right off of your feed. You can snap a picture right from the app or use one from your phone, though. You can shoot video from the app, as well. Snoxter features about 20 filters, but you have to pay to unlock a lot of them. You don't have to pay to use the app's powerful crop and trimming features, though. Once you're finished, you can upload the picture to Facebook automatically, but not to Twitter or other social networks. It only gives you 3GB of storage, which is less than a lot of other cloud apps, but still can hold a good deal of photos. If you have other friends that use the app, you can browse their pictures, just like you would on Instagram.

Most of Snoxter's features remind us of Instagram's. That's not a terrible idea, since Instagram is so popular, but this app fails to beat Instagram on the number of filters, users, or social network support. If you're looking for an Instagram replacement, this one isn't too bad. If you're looking for a real photo editor, look for one that doesn't tether itself so faithfully to Facebook.

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