Reinvent your inbox with Sliding Messaging Pro

Slide your inbox in more directions for extra control.

Though Android's built-in messenger app works great, it still isn't perfect. Sliding Messaging Pro promises to add some faster, more interesting performance for a small fee. This is a really nifty app that a lot of people will love. It just might not be worth the extra 99 cents when the free version of the app gives you most of the features you want.

Sliding Messaging Pro requires Android 4.0 or higher. It's only $1 to buy, which isn't much for a really cool upgrade. Again, there's also a free version that gives you most of the features and all of the speed of the paid version. If you do spend the buck for the upgrade, you'll get enhanced video and photo messaging features and a few more themes. However, you won't be able to completely abandon the default text app, since Sliding Messaging Pro piggybacks off of its inbox. What it does add over the default in Android is the ability to manage all of your messages with simple taps, swipes, and gestures. You won't have to hit any of your phone's physical keys to read any messages. The slide-out menu that allows you to preview and move back to your inbox just by tapping in the upper-right corner is a really nice touch.

Sliding Messaging Pro is a definite time-saver over the default Android app, especially since it maintains some of the same user interface. Pay the extra buck if you want to see the really dark theme -- which does look cool -- or want to congratulate the developer on a great app. Otherwise, stick with the free version, which is still one of the best messaging apps for Android.

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