Manage groceries on your Android gadget with Shopping List

Create lists for all of your shopping needs with the Shopping List app for Android.

Who needs a pen and paper grocery list when you've got a superpowered smartphone? Shopping List gives you a digital piece of paper on which to jot down shopping lists for every store you visit. It's not as dynamic as some other free list apps, but it gets the job done very quickly.

You can create multiple lists and enter your own titles and grocery items. Sadly, there's no autocomplete to speed things up. This does mean you can name your list and items any way you want, though. Unlike apps like Grocery iQ and Remember The Milk, Shopping List doesn't sync with a Web version or offer coupons. However, this means the app loads quickly and takes you right to your list. Lists are saved until you delete them, so you can make a list of your staple items and use it as often as you need. You can also save the amounts you want to spend on each item, and change what type of currency the app uses. Though making the app look like a notepad was a fun touch, it makes the list crowded on smaller phones. Checking things off your list and deleting items sometimes causes accidental taps on the small banner ads at the bottom of the list.

This app doesn't have a lot of extra features, but if you need a simple, light grocery list app that does its job very well, Shopping List is it.

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