Stash away all your phone's secrets with Secret Box

Hide important information and secrets from prying eyes with Secret Box.

Want to hide a secret on your smartphone? Secret Box can help. It is a lockbox for certain files on your phone, but it doesn't work with some of your more-revealing information. It also doesn't do a very good job of hiding itself.

Unlike other private vault apps, Secret Box doesn't disguise itself as another app or hide from your menu. It appears out in the open for any prying eyes to see. Not only does it not hide itself, it won't hide contact data, call history, or other scandalous details, either. The only things it can hide are notes and photos, which might be enough for some users. This app doesn't access any Web-connected features, which is nice. It doesn't allow you to customize its rather boring layout, but it does make surfing through the secrets you've saved easy.

As far as vault apps go, Secret Box leaves plenty to be desired. Not only could snoops easily find that you have the app, which means they know you're hiding something, but they could also still see calls and texts. It won't do much good if you're trying to hide your infidelity as the app clearly advertises what you can do.

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