Hide your private SMS texts with My Sms Interceptor

Put your texts and contacts into a secure lockbox with the help of My Sms Interceptor.

Text messaging is way more subtle than a phone call, but who you text can still get you in trouble. My Sms Interceptor creates a password-protected area for all the contacts you shouldn't be texting. It isn't the easiest to set up, but it will definitely hide things from snoops or prying eyes.

The app appears in your menu, which is unfortunate if you're trying to hide it. The name isn't too revealing, but a less descriptive icon would be nice. Once you're inside the app, you have to navigate through a few annoying ad screens as you're working. My Sms Interceptor can hold dozens of contacts; you can input numbers manually or from your contact list. You can't send texts to your locked contacts unless they've texted you, since you've put them in the lockbox. And even then, it's difficult to use this app to text.

When a lockbox doesn't even do a good job of hiding itself, it's a bad sign. This one hides contacts well, but doesn't make it easy to actually connect with them. With a tricky setup and its lack of some much-needed features, there's not much to make My Sms Interceptor worth downloading.

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