Save streaming videos from YouTube directly on your hard drive

Save YouTube videos on directly your computer for later offline viewing with YouTube Downloader Pro.

Saving videos directly from YouTube to your hard drive is a widely asked-for feature. One of the possible candidates to satisfy this demand is YouTube Video Downloader Pro. However, even though the thought of saving videos from YouTube directly to your computer with an integrated and seamless procedure seems attractive, this software doesn't deliver.

If you have found YouTube Downloader Pro while searching for the perfect solution, we advise against trying it. The installer asks for permission to change your default home page as well as your search engine. If you opt out of this, which you probably should, the software still installs obscure packages but won't work or even show traces of itself. By the looks of it, this software seems to be an attempt to install adware to your machine without your full consent.

YouTube Downloader Pro doesn't deliver what it claims and should not be considered as an alternative to the handy, simple, and well functioning plug-ins for Firefox or Safari already available.

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