Learn about and support ocean life with TheBlu 3D Ocean Screensaver for Mac

Discover marine life with friends using TheBlu 3D Ocean Screensaver.

Conservation of marine life begins with knowledge and awareness. TheBlu 3D Ocean Screensaver for Mac tries to educate users about marine life and support conservation through social networking, but its functionality is spotty.

The program is available as freeware with a log-in and e-mail address required, but you can purchase additional marine life for the screensaver. TheBlu 3D Ocean Screensaver prompts with a Facebook log-in at startup so the user can share knowledge learned through the program with friends. Downloading was simple and fast, but installation proved problematic. There were no instructions, and support appears to be minimal. When the program is first started, a screen depicting an ocean appears, but there is no indication what the program is doing, which is confusing. Each time I opened it the program took approximately 1 minute to load. While it purports to be a screensaver, it would only operate manually; when initiated as a screensaver, only a blank screen appeared. Even when opened directly, TheBlu's functionality is limited, but the interface works well and is beautifully designed. Users can earn more fish and marine life for their screen by performing tasks, inviting friends via social media, or by purchases. When we selected a specific fish, there was a wealth of information available on it for educational purposes. The app's maker indicates that purchases support marine conservation, but the validity of this claim is unknown.

TheBlu 3D Ocean Screensaver for Mac did not perform as a screensaver, and those seeking an educational tool about marine life and conservation should probably look elsewhere.

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