Download Internet video faster with SpeedBit Video Accelerator for Mac

Reduce video buffering on your computer with SpeedBit Video Accelerator for Mac.

Even those with high-speed Internet connections often find Internet videos take time to buffer before playing. SpeedBit Video Accelerator for Mac tries to address this problem by accelerating video downloads, but with poor, if any, results.

While the initial program is free in a trial version, use of the full program requires a yearly subscription of $24.95. The trial version only allows video acceleration of SD videos. Upgrading to the paid version allows functions on HD video and acceleration of iTunes downloads. The program was small, but this did not translate to an easy installation. The process to install took time and required acceptance of a lengthy and complex user agreement. During the actual installation of SpeedBit Video Accelerator for Mac, which took almost a full minute, an error message popped up indicating a component was not installed properly. The program did start normally after the installation ended.

There really was no interface other than an icon on the top menu because the program works in the background when it detects video downloads. Operating with a high-speed Internet connection, there was no noticeable difference in the download speed of standard YouTube videos. The free version of the program is of limited use since most streaming problems occur with larger, HD videos, requiring the paid version. With the lack of functioning on SD videos, paying a yearly fee does not seem justified, at least for those with a high-speed connection.

With no noticeable difference and lack of functionality in the trial version, SpeedBit Video Accelerator for Mac might not be the solution for those frustrated by video buffering.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of SpeedBit Video Accelerator for Mac

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