Edit audio files with Macsome Audio Editor for Mac

You can create new audio files and ringtones with Macsome Audio Editor.

Native music players for Mac don't allow users to edit their audio files, which may be necessary for a number of things, including making ringtones. Macsome Audio Editor, while functional, proved difficult to use.

Macsome Audio Editor was quick to install and open. It offers upgrades at no cost, indicating technical support is available. The program lacked instructions, which would have been welcome in light of the confusing interface. The controls to load individual songs were intuitive and allowed selections by file directory. Unfortunately, the actual audio-editing process proved frustrating. After the selected song loads, the user must choose from eight buttons of the same size and color; the only indication of each one's function -- cutting, stopping, starting, and so on -- is a tiny, hard-to-see mark in the corner. The relatively small size of the viewing box exacerbated the design problems. Even after experimenting with the software's buttons and functions, we found simple editing tasks difficult and time-consuming. That being said, those well versed in audio editing may have an easier time working with the program.

Though it's free and has a number of features, Macsome Audio Editor's flawed visual design and lack of easily available instructions make it a less desirable option for all but the most sophisticated users.

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