Zombies Chasing falls flat

Expect lots of interruptions while playing the game.

Zombies are certainly all the rage now, with popular TV shows, games, and movies coming out left and right. Zombies Chasing tries to jump on that trend, but the constant barrage of ads and requests to purchase more coins mar this otherwise fun game.

When you first open Zombies Chasing, you're greeted with the Main Menu, which gives you access to the Mission page. This is where you can check off various goals the game has set for you, such as Ran 260 meters, Collected 200 coins, and so on. There is also a Shop for purchasing more coins. There are no written instructions on how to play the game; rather, you're given a quick tutorial when you select Play. The gameplay is pretty easy and we caught on quickly: swipe your finger right or left to make a turn, tilt your phone to pick up coins, swipe your finger up to jump over things. The graphics aren't the best we've seen, and the zombies aren't really zombies so much as they are winged demons, but they were still scary.

On our first run, we were caught by a zombie and apparently didn't have enough coins to continue playing. We could not continue without purchasing more coins, so we had to start over again. On our second run, we made it a lot farther, but eventually met our demise. We were greeted by a card game where we had to select a card, but as soon as we did, an ad for another game took over our screen. What's more, a banner ad at the bottom of the screen periodically appeared and covered the Pause button. We realize that ads are par for the course for free games, but they shouldn't interrupt your gameplay.

All in all, while playing Zombies Chasing was fun, we could not make any progress because of the constant interruptions. For that reason, we recommend you skip this game in favor of one that lets you play in peace.

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