Pop Hearty HD offers mindless fun

Lacks instructions, but still fun once you figure it out.

We tend to gravitate toward simple games that require a bit of strategy. Pop Hearty HD falls along those lines, but it suffers for not having any kind of instructions or tips for playing.

Pop Hearty HD opens with the main menu, where you can start a new game, continue an old one, or check your ranking. We started a new game, hoping that it would offer some kind of instruction once we got started, but we got nothing. Thankfully, it didn't take long for us to figure out the game's premise, which is to eliminate hearts and therefore levels, until none are left. To eliminate, you have to tap two or more matching hearts that are next to each other and then tap again to make them disappear. It's kind of like Tetris in that once you eliminate a line of hearts, the hearts on top drop down so that you can hopefully match and eliminate those too. We quickly got through most of the first level, but before we could eliminate all of the hearts, we were allowed to take those remaining as a bonus. There is an option for changing the color of heart if you find yourself without a match, as well as an Upset Bubble that immediately removes a heart. Music plays constantly in the background, but thankfully you can turn it off while you play. Also, there is a banner ad at the bottom, but it stays out of the way.

While we would have liked to see a set of instructions and tips, we still found Pop Hearty HD fun to play. We could see ourselves playing it in a situation that called for mindless fun, such as waiting at the doctor's office. We recommend it for all users.

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