Stop Procrastinating with Vitamin-R for Mac

Learn to focus better and stop wasting time using Vitamin-R for Mac.

Procrastination and lack of focus are major money-wasting elements in life and business. Vitamin-R for Mac might be a useful tool to increase your personal and business productivity. The main drawback to this program is that you have to actually use the program regularly for it to help you.

Vitamin-R for Mac helps increase productivity by breaking down tasks into small components. First, the program instructs you to organize your goals and split them into smaller tasks of approximately 15 minutes each. The user can easily set tasks for shorter periods and longer periods, but the program suggest that intervals of 15 minutes are the most beneficial. Then, it lets you decide which desktop programs that are distracting you want to hide. The program counts down the time limit on the Menu Bar and has a verbal announcement when the time is up. It is simple to use, but hidden programs do not automatically return when the time lapses. The trial version lasts 14 days and you can purchase a license for $19.95.

Vitamin-R for Mac offers tools that might help increase focus on tasks and reduce procrastination. Unfortunately, you need to use the program consistently in order for it to be effective. This program would seem to appeal to anyone who struggles with low productivity and is unable to maintain focus. The program is suitable for both office and home environments.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Vitamin-R for Mac 1.94.

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