Place Watermarks with Star Watermark for Mac

Insert text and image watermarks on photos using Star Watermark for Mac.

Social media is full of watermarked photos, so this program would seem to be a great idea. With Star Watermark for Mac you can place text and image watermarks on photos. However, with the trial version you can only place watermarks on the included two trial photos.

The full version of Star Watermark for Mac might work great but the trial version doesn't let you do much. Altered watermarked photos cannot be saved but they can be seen. With this version you can modify color, size, orientation and rotation of text and images. Alterations are measured by pixel so you can be as precise as you wish. For the layman, the pixel alteration may take a little getting used to. A wheel controls rotation changes so it is difficult to be precise. Of the 19 features of this program, the free trial only includes eight basic features. There are two paid versions available: a professional version that includes 16 features for $18.99 and an ultimate version that includes all 19 features for $28.00. The program includes links to helpful PDF and video tutorials as well.

The free trial version of Star Watermark for Mac doesn't do enough to show the professional features it seems to have in the paid versions. On its own, you really can't do anything but play on the trial. This program seems to be geared toward committed amateurs or professional graphic designers.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Star Watermark for Mac 2.4.5.

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