Play Arcade Games with Space Invaders for Mac

Game Retro Style with Widgets using Space Invaders for Mac.

Some games are better off left in the past. Space Invaders for Mac offers a true original-style version of the Space Invaders game. Unfortunately, being true to the original game does not make this game easy to use or great to look at.

Space Invaders for Mac presents an unmodified version of the original Space Invaders game. This game loads as a widget, making it awkward to access. The graphics and overall look of the animation is just as flawed and basic as the original. The interface does not allow for any preference modifications, and no list of keyboard commands is available. Playing this game is a great way to see how much gaming graphics and concepts have changed over the years. The original video games were often called time-wasters and this game is a perfect example. Large ads take up almost half of the screen space as well. The game was off-center in the window and multiple downloads resulted in no fix to the game field. There is no support available for this game, but you do receive 15 other classic arcade games including Pong, Asteroids, and Frogger.

Overall, Space Invaders for Mac was disappointing and not playable for any length of time. This program might be suitable for diehard retro game fans, but the ad placement and poor quality of programming might dissuade even them.

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