Paste Easily with Plain Clip for Mac

Paste between programs while modifying format with Plain Clip for Mac.

Copying and pasting between different programs can cause a lot of formatting problems and waste a lot of time. Plain Clip for Mac tries to fix these issues by allowing users to preset clipboard styles and eliminate format issues when cutting and pasting. However, the program's inconsistency overwhelms its usefulness.

Plain Clip for Mac is a free program that has a great concept but is too buggy to be useful. The program allows you to select which elements you want to remove from material on your clipboard. You can remove all formatting, spaces, lines and even HTML code. Unfortunately, this program does not have a user interface. Each time you want to use it, you must turn the program on. There is no way to check that the program is on other than trial and error by pasting. The program is very inconsistent, as sometimes you can paste multiple times with the settings intact but other times you can only paste once before the program quits. This program is supposed to help you save time and eliminate frustration, but with all its issues it might just do the opposite.

Plain Clip for Mac should allow users to get rid of unwanted formatting when pasting from their clipboard. Unfortunately, due to the lacking interface and inconsistency of this program it doesn't seem appropriate for anyone.

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