Analyze Live Sound with iSpectrum for Mac

View live audio in a variety of formats using iSpectrum for iMac.

Computer usage affects all of our daily work and personal tasks. Even small tasks that used to be done by ear are now dependent on computer programs. Analyzing sound is one of these components. Luckily, iSpectrum Analyzer for Mac offers a simple way to analyze live sound feeds from input devices or your built-in microphone.

iSpectrum Analyzer for Mac enables users to analyze live sounds to enable modifications necessary for management and education. This program can filter for frequency and bandwidth. The simple interface can accommodate both a waterfall display or oscilloscope view depending on your need. Both of these displays are graphical representations that are useful in the scientific study of sound. Sound technicians can also use these representations to make minute adjustments to sound feeds for public events. The program can access live sounds from an external input device or your computer's internal microphone. You can take snapshots of the sound analysis that are saved as PDF files. The interface is basic but functional and the program is stable. This free program comes with limited support.

iSpectrum Analyzer for Mac is an effective tool for sound analysis that has a wide range of real world applications. This program seems suitable for amateur sound technicians and radio operators as well as educators at various levels.

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