Create your own ringtones with Ringtone Maker

Generate ringtones for your mobile device using Ringtone Maker.

Ringtone makers are a pretty typical application that most smartphone users want. These apps give you a chance display part of your personality to anyone within earshot. Ringtone Maker is a pretty good application for those who are looking for a simple application to get them started.

Fast installation makes getting into the fun pretty easy. Right away from a simple main menu the user can edit already-downloaded sounds or look up music on Amazon. The download function will incur extra charges depending on the tunes downloaded. It should also be noted that the application only recognizes sounds that are saved in certain files. If your music collection is saved in a "music" file, odds are the program will not see any of this music.

With Ringtone Maker you can edit the start and finish of the ringtone. The only thing to keep in mind is the limited length of a ringtone. Even if you use an entire song as a ringtone, the phone will only play and repeat the first 15 seconds. The program itself lacks many features but functions well. It is fast, stable, and doesn't use much memory.

For most people this program should work well. It can introduce you to the world of ringtone making and let you stretch your creativity. Advanced users, however, may find Ringtone Maker too simple and may prefer something with more features.

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