Create picture effects with PIP Camera

Edit photos with dazzling effects using PIP Camera.

The demand for entertaining photo-editing software cannot be denied. The Android market is full of such programs, but only a few offer original features or useful elements. PIP Camera gives users both of these things for free.

PIP Camera's setup is quick and easy. Like many other camera applications, this app offers a simple picture-capturing platform and another window that applies effects to the image. The main difference between this app and others is the type of effects it offers. While other programs simply place a filter over the whole image, PIP Camera has objects that can be set in the image that change it. For example, a glass bottle can be placed in front of a portrait, causing the face to be distorted by the shape of the glass, or a canvas can be placed in the middle of the image causing a sketch effect in that particular area.

PIP Camera is a very stable app that uses resources lightly. When we tested it, the app functioned well even while heavier programs ran in the background. This is a particularly impressive feat for photo-editing software.

With its ease of use and feature-filled amenities, PIP Camera is highly recommended for every Android user.

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