Play a bowling game on your device with PBA Bowling Challenge

Enjoy the adventure of competitive bowling with PBA Bowling Challenge.

Many people remember the bowling game, popular on the old bar-style Nokia devices, as the first game they played on a cellular telephone. Today the graphics are significantly better and the gameplay is incredibly realistic, but bowling games are still available. PBA Bowling Challenge is fun, easy to play, and perhaps kind of nostalgic.

The download time for this app seems quite long, but the reason is apparent once you begin to play the game. The graphics for PBA Bowling Challenge are not cheap. They are sharp, detailed, and realistic. The animation flows smoothly and the game itself is perfectly stable. Sound quality is also pretty good with no audible distortion. The main menu gives the choice between a campaign mode and a quick arcade-style game. During the campaign mode players can compare scores online and compete against one another. The arcade mode allows the player to get right into the action, but is limited to a single game. Gameplay is fun and easy. You place the ball on the lane where you want the ball to line up, then swipe your finger in the direction and speed you want the ball to travel. Once the ball begins to move, the device can then be tilted to either direction to spin the ball.

With exciting gameplay, great graphics, and decent sound, this gaming app offers a lot of fun. PBA Bowling Challenge is a top pick for anyone who craves a simple yet addictive game on an Android device.

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