Chat with strangers using Omegle Chat App

Communicate with random guests using Omegle Chat App.

If an Android user craves texting with total strangers, then this may be the application to install. While its features are incredibly limited and the software is not sophisticated, Omegle Chat App does exactly what it claims.

Following a quick install, Omegle Chat App thrusts you right into the action. A plain white screen greets the user with a simple button that launches a new chat. A simple back-and-forth chat style enables the users to communicate. If either user wishes to end the chat session, the screen goes back to the original mode. Operation and features do not exceed expectations as this chat app is pretty limited. The main problem with this application is the very thing that will attract users. The conversation is between two strangers. Users may find it difficult to build any sort of conversation with someone they know nothing about. While there is an option to add interests and search for users with similar interests, this is not a guarantee of the subject matter they wish to discuss. Users may find that most of the users are men looking for adult-oriented entertainment.

While Omegle Chat App may be entertaining to some users, most will find it frustrating and useless. With very limited features and questionable content this application should be installed with caution.

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