Nightlight brings timed, multicolored, and voice-controlled illumination to your bed chamber

Nightlight can make your smartphone glow blue, red, green, while you sleep.

If a smartphone can replace your watch, music player, and camera, why not your night-light? Nightlight supplies an adjustable level of comfortable light to satisfy the basic functionality of a night-light, plus it offers sound detection that allows users to control the app by voice.

Setting up Nightlight takes no time at all and is very easy. The main menu is clean and simple to deduce. In the Options, users can choose the color of the light and the light source, and whether to use the screen or the camera flash as the light source. Nightlight also lets users adjust the sound control so that a clap or shout will turn the light on or off.

For parents who want to leave a light on for a certain amount of time, a timer will turn the app off automatically after any interval. As you might guess, the app uses quite a bit of phone battery. Users should also be aware that some phone screens are sensitive to prolonged use of a bright white color.

The free (Lite) version of Nightlight is supported by advertisements and only allows the white colorj, while the premium (Complete) version costs $1.99, is ad-free, and offers all five colors and additional premium settings. The application worked well and was generally stable. For anyone of any age who's ever afraid of the dark, Nightlight might be a bright delight.

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