Use your Android device as a radio with iHeartRadio

Listen to over a thousand radio stations on your Android gadget with iHeartRadio.

Listening to music is a passion for many mobile device users and could possibly be a contributing factor to the smartphone revolution. Since the advent of the MP3, however, many people have neglected radio due to its limited programming. iHeartRadio solves these problems by providing instant access to vast amounts of streaming audio content. The best thing about this app is that it works perfectly, so you can just sit back and enjoy the music.

Download times may vary, but this program seems to take longer than others. It is quite extensive in its streaming access and buffering is very minimal. The main menu is very intuitive, allowing the user to browse through over a thousand radio stations. Users can search by region, music style, or even artist. There is almost no delay once the station is selected and the content is live. The program will automatically locate stations near you and display them on the home page, much as a regular radio would make them available. Album art is displayed in the player mode, and the user can mark the individual track as liked or disliked. During live play mode this will actually let the DJs know what the listeners enjoy. iHeartRadio also functions much like Pandora, in that the user can select an artist or genre and iHeartRadio will begin playing, and adjust the playlist as the user reacts to the music. An added feature is the sleep timer, which will turn the application off after a set amount of time.

Recommended for all users who enjoy music, iHeartRadio is an awesome application and will not let anyone down. It is an enjoyable and functional app that delivers what it promises.

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