Read Craigslist postings on your mobile device with Craigslist Viewer

Browse Craigslist in a mobile format with Craigslist Viewer.

As one of the most popular free advertising sites on the Internet today, Craigslist definitely deserves a good application for mobile devices that makes browsing the site on your smartphone or tablet just as easy as browsing it via your favorite Web browser. Unfortunately, Craigslist Viewer does not live up to these expectations.

Because of its small size and uncomplicated nature, Craigslist Viewer loads extremely quickly. It functions a lot like the regular Craigslist site and has the same look and feel. One begins to quickly wonder why the application was even created. It does not offer anything that the original site does not. Users might expect an autolocating feature that could use the device's GPS to locate the appropriate city's site. This application does not offer that. It doesn't even remember previous settings once you exit. Most Web site-based applications will rotate the screen when the device rotates to ease reading of the content. This app does not support screen rotation. Also, you can only use the app to view the site, whereas if using a browser you can also make postings. The back button on the device will not function with this application, unlike with the Web browser. If the back button is depressed, the application will close and the user must start over.

Even though Craigslist Viewer operates flawlessly and is easy to use, it is lacking in features. The overall design needs work and the functionality is pretty limited compared with the fully featured, free site at

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