Edit photos on your mobile device with Camera Effects

Capture photos and edit them on your smartphone using the Camera Effects app.

With the advent of high-resolution and quality cameras built into mobile devices there has been a surge of camera applications. Most of these applications do not actually make it possible to edit the photo extensively, but rather apply a filter over the image to achieve the desired effect. Camera Effects is one of these applications, but it offers high-quality effects and fairly decent picture quality.

Since it's a pretty light application, Camera Effects loads very quickly. The main screen is a full-size viewfinder. This app only allows the user to edit photos taken with the application, and it will not edit photos that are already on the device. The camera portion of the application is uncomplicated and offers few features. It is basically a point-and-shoot program. The quality of photos, however, is quite good. After the photo is taken, it is placed on the screen and can then be edited. Two scrolling menus are located at the bottom of the screen and allow effects and borders to be placed on the image. X-ray, infrared, monochrome, thermal, and tilt shift are some of the effects available. Borders available are pretty standard. The overall look of the finished picture is quite good, and the photo can be shared or saved when finished.

Camera Effects app seems to be a great pick for beginner users. It is easy to use and produces quality images. Advanced users will miss all the camera features, such as exposure settings and zoom, and editing tools such as cropping and color balance.

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