Scan, clean, and maintain your PC with Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit's powerful tools

Scan and clean even badly infected PCs with this powerful suite of expert tools.

Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit collects a number of powerful system utilities in one portable package. With its help, you can clean, debug, and repair damaged and corrupted systems. Its Emergency Kit Scanner searches your PC for every kind of virus, malware, rootkit, Trojan, and keylogger that the very latest reports and updates identify, plus any new threats it finds, and will then remove or quarantine suspected files, depending on what you tell it to do. Advanced users will appreciate the Commandline Scanner, which is the same scanner but without a GUI. HiJackFree offers powerful manual malware scanning and removal capabilities, while BlitzBlank can delete files, registry entries, and drivers that can't be deleted by normal means. It's a powerful tool that can cause more problems than it fixes, if misused. But Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit isn't for beginners so much as professionals and experienced users. If you're the one your friends and family call on to fix their PCs, it's definitely for you.

Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit's quick start dialog opens the program's tools and also accesses a Help feature. Additional help is available from a forum, the developers, and other resources, including a security newsletter. You can also submit suspicious files for review. Before scanning, we updated the Emergency Kit Scanner's malware definitions. As with all such tools, we highly recommend starting off with the deepest, most comprehensive system scan available. Emsisoft's Deep scan is thorough and took a while, and it turned up a pair of not-too-serious threats that we were happy to delete. A useful option re-scans your system after files are quarantined to prevent false detections.

We also tried HiJackFree, which can kill running processes, delete files, and take other potentially drastic steps that can quickly cure an ailing PC. Or kill it, if misused. Opening BlitzBlank even produced a pop-up warning about this capable program for expert users. As with all such tools, if you're not sure what it does or how, don't experiment! But in the right hands, Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit can bring powerful tools to bear on a wide range of PC troubles.

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