Create and edit bookmarks in PDFs for free with PDF Bookmarks

With this simple app, you can create, delete, and edit bookmarks in PDFs without buying a big-box program.

PDFs are critical to businesses and just as important to many individuals, yet big-box PDF programs are often priced beyond reach. Fortunately, most of what you need to do with PDFs can be done just as well by individual applications, many of them freeware. For example, there's SkySof's PDF Bookmarks. It can create, edit, and delete bookmarks in PDF files. Its wizard-based operation is simple enough for the most tech-averse user. And, yes, it's free.

PDF Bookmarks opens with a simple, tabbed dialog box that basically walks new users through each step. There's nothing to memorize; it's multiple-choice, and all on the list, starting with the Operation tab. Everything PDF Bookmarks does is listed, and we simply had to check which operation we wanted, from Edit Bookmark Name to Create Bookmarks from Text -- 16 choices in all. Clicking Next advanced us to the next tab, PDFs to Alter. We could add single or multiple documents to a list view with headers for Name, Start and End Page, and Subdirectories. We named our new bookmark, entered Replacement Text and Text to Find, and pressed Process. PDF Bookmarks quickly edited our PDFs. PDF Bookmarks offers more options, too, and appropriately enough on the Options tab. We could search our bookmarks with a variety of conditions, enter replacement text, add JavaScript, and other operations. The Scripts tab enables further scripting, including the ability to browse to script files or open saved projects. While the interface shows no Help file, PDF Bookmarks includes a pair of PDF Tutorials in its Start Menu folder.

While there are many advantages to all-in-one PDF programs, price is rarely one of them. We're happy to use separate tools for each PDF function (such as bookmarks) if it saves the cost of the average big-box program. But the fact is, simple tools like PDF Bookmarks are often much easier to use than the large programs. There's less to learn, and things are easier to find than in an application so loaded up with features that it requires training sessions. Fire up PDF Bookmarks, fix the document, and get back to your day job.

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