Bible Heroes Noah and the Ark offers child-friendly fun

Teach your little ones Noah's story with this colorful app.

The Bible goes mobile with Bible Heroes Noah and the Ark. This colorful app does the storytelling for you: a voice reads aloud a child-friendly version of Noah and the Ark. It includes a few other fun features, but you'll have to pay for better selection.

Bible Heroes Noah and the Ark opens with a colorful homepage featuring Noah front and center. There, you have three options: Read, Color, and Sing. A Menu button takes you to other apps in iTunes from the same publisher that feature Bible-centered characters. We first selected Read, and a woman's voice read to us the story of Noah while we read along as she spoke. Forward and backward arrows let us navigate through the story. We moved on to the Color feature that gave us pages with scenes taken from the story to color; however, only one scene is unlocked. If you want access to the other seven pages, you'll have to pay 99 cents. Coloring in the scene wasn't as difficult on our iPhone as we expected. You simply tap a colored paint brush and then touch the picture where you'll like to add the color. Finally, if you and your little one are in the mood for music, the Sing feature lets you read and sing along to a song.

If you're teaching your child the stories of the Bible, you can't go wrong with Bible Heroes Noah and the Ark. Its colorful pictures and fun sing-along will certainly appeal to them.

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