Dragon Dictation turns voice into text

Capture your voice and send as text with this handy app.

Dragon Dictation is a handy tool for recording your voice and quickly turning it into text that you can then edit and send via text, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and more. While not perfect, we were surprised by its accuracy and appreciated its simple, straightforward design.

To begin, you'll need to select a region and then accept an agreement. Dragon Dictation then asks if you will allow it to add the names of your contacts to your vocabulary on the server so that it can recognize the names when you speak them. The interface is very basic, with only three buttons at the bottom: one to record, one to access your keyboard for edits, and another to share the text. We started by recording a brief message that included our name and address. The resulting text was perfect in terms of spelling. Sure, a comma could have been placed here and there, but it added a few commas between the city and state. Moving on, we decided to add to our original message, but this time mentioning the name of a friend who has an odd name. The app got our friend's name nearly correct with the exception of one letter, which impressed us. We then sent the message to a friend's e-mail, which they successfully received. Likewise, we were able to quickly post our text to our Facebook and Twitter accounts using the app. The Settings menu lets you turn the Recognize Names and Detect End-of-Speech features on and off. You can also adjust your language settings from there.

If you're looking for a simple and accurate dictation app, you can't go wrong with Dragon Dictation for its speed and accuracy. We highly recommend it to all users.

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