Dolphin Browser will quickly become your go-to browser

Use gestures to quickly navigate the Web.

Let's face it: Browsing and navigating on your smartphone's tiny screen isn't the most enjoyable of tasks. Dolphin Browser aims to make the experience a little easier by employing gestures that quickly get you where you want to go. We loved it so much that we're now using it as our main browser.

Dolphin Browser opens with a very simple and clean layout. From the homepage, you can search in Google, type in a URL, and access your Bookmarks. There are even shortcuts, called Speed Dials, that will take you directly to Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, or you can add your own custom Speed Dials. The browser's additional navigational buttons reside at the bottom of the screen. There you can access what we think is the app's standout feature: its Draw a Gesture tool. The app comes with preset gestures, which you can either use or edit to customize. For example, drawing a "V" will automatically take you to the bottom of your Web page. Drawing an "N" will open a new tab. You can even assign a specific gesture to a specific Web site -- drawing a "G" will take you to Google. All in all, we found it an extremely creative way to get where you want to go. In addition to the gesture feature, Dolphin Sonar lets you speak your commands, but it requires a paid upgrade.

If you're in the market for a new browser for your iPhone, we can't recommend Dolphin Browser enough. Its sleek design and gesture navigation will quickly win you over.

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