Come up with an interesting name for your writing project with Random Name Generator

Generate a random name to use in a game or writing with Random Name Generator.

Anyone who's ever written a story knows how hard it is to make up names for characters. If you're having trouble coming up with one, you can use the Random Name Generator. It will give you a long list of names, but most of them won't work for what you need. The program itself has a bunch of hang-ups that limit its usefulness.

Your antivirus program might flag this program as a malicious download, but when we were running Random Name Generator, nothing came up worth being concerned about. Whether you click the Normal, Odd, or Strange button, it churns out five names that more closely resemble gibberish. You'll be lucky to find one name in every batch that you can actually use.

When your security software flags a program, it might make you think twice about using the program. If you get that urge when using Random Name Generator, go with it. The program isn't even really useful as a novelty, let alone an actual tool for writers or programmers. Using a friend's name or cruising Wikipedia for names would even be a better solution.

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