Keep track of your business with Project Management Studio

Control your workers, resources, and time to optimize profits and workflow.

If you're not tracking your business's resources, you could be wasting cash or time. There are many premium business management suites on the market, but they can cost hundreds. Project Management Studio looks to keep your funds in order by giving you a powerful program for free. However, clunky performance and a high barrier to entry hold it back from being useful.

The hefty download will take a while to finish on some connections. Once the program is up and running, you need to fill out a long form to earn a product key. You have to enter a new product key every month to keep using the program, too. This drawn-out setup process isn't all that makes the program difficult to use. Though there are several menus that are easy to find, they mostly perform the same way. It's essentially a spreadsheet program with pre-inserted titles like Cost Reporting, Project Reporting, and Human Resources. The program only associates with a proprietary file format, so converting your current human resource documents has to be done manually.

If you already use human resource software, you probably won't get much use out of Project Management Studio. The painful setup process takes too long and is too drawn out, even for a good program.

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