Change your background automatically with My Daily Wallpaper

Get a new, randomized wallpaper on your desktop every day.

Switching up your wallpaper often seems to be a good way to foster creativity. However, finding dozens of great wallpapers can be a major challenge. My Daily Wallpaper takes most of the thinking out of it, randomizing almost 700,000 different wallpaper designs whenever you want. You'll never have to have the same desktop twice.

Most of the wallpapers My Daily Wallpaper offers are quite stunning to look at. However, the 100+ categories are so different from one another that you might end up with a few weird surprises and juxtapositions. Luckily, you can eliminate any category from your selections. Adult, NSFW, and niche wallpapers (like the Gothic category) are deselected by default, but you can turn them back on if you like. You can have a new wallpaper as often as every hour or generate one on demand. However, the program has to be open at all times to give you a wallpaper. It doesn't suck up a lot of resources, but the fact that it's always running in the background could become a little annoying.

Wallpaper shouldn't be something you give much thought. If you're the type who always wants to change yours but can't find something you like, you'll dig My Daily Wallpaper. It has more images than you could ever compile yourself and is updated regularly. It will keep things changing enough to make you happy.

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